New Apex Legends Character Will Be Ballistic

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Respawn Entertainment came up with the brand-new Apex Legends character Ballistic and the first video that it released. In the video, titled Encore it also gives us an opportunity to discover about the history behind Ballistic, the brand new character.

Created for Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts, free-to-play Apex Legends is currently in its 16th season. The new season will start on May 9 2023.

In the just two weeks left, Respawn Entertainment also introduced the brand new character that will be joining the cast in the next season. It was revealed in the trailer published: Ballistic.

Let’s Meet the New Apex Legends Character

The character is introduced in the latest Stories from the Outlands video The character real name is August Brinkman, has reportedly taken the decision to end his Thunderdome career and relocate out of his home following the passing of a friend and colleague. After learning that his son has been selected to compete in the Apex Games, Ballistic makes an agreement with Syndicate to take over the role of his son. He can compete at the Apex Games.

There aren’t any details available about the upcoming season dubbed Arsenal or the abilities of the character that will be introduced, however, all the intriguing information will be released from Respawn Entertainment in the near future. This way we will get the opportunity to interact with Ballistic closer. Additionally, we’ll be aware of any future modifications for The Edge of the World map.

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