Microsoft Announces “Cover” for Xbox Series X: Whether Starfield Themed or Camo…

Microsoft has come up with specific skins that resemble the appearance of a case for Xbox Series X. Xbox Series X. Microsoft, who has come up with three models, has not forgotten about the coming Starfield.

The technology giant from the United States Microsoft has completed a task to satisfy gamers who wish to personalize your Xbox Series X console. As part of this project Microsoft has designed cases that are suitable for Xbox Series X. It comes out with three special models appears to be awestruck Starfield fans. The models is scheduled to be released on the 6th of September, 2023.

The case made of fabric designed to fit the Xbox Series X have a design that folds in accordance with its dimensions. Xbox Series X. The cover, with an Velcro design, has vents to keep the console from becoming hot. The choice of silicone to cover the inside, Microsoft prevented the coating from sliding over the console.

This is is the theme of Starfield on Xbox Series X skin will appear like:

The Starfield-themed coating that is available on the Xbox Series X is generally preferable in lighter tones. Although the designers favored to have a stripe of color surrounding the button for power on the Xbox Series X, they preferred a simple design in the area in which the connection and disc input ports are.

The two other skins that were designed for the console attract the eye with their camouflage design. The coatings, which are referred to as “Arctic Camo” and “Mineral Camo” are identical, except for the colors.

In the official statement issued by Microsoft According to the official statement made by Microsoft, it is said that the Starfield theme skin is expected to become available on October 18 and the skins, dubbed Arctic Camo and Mineral Camo will officially launch on the 10th of November. Customers will have to pay $49.99 to purchase the Starfield skin, and $44.99 on the camo skins. Microsoft announced that pre-orders for the new skins will be made today.

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