Dead Island 2 Opening Episode Revealed

Let's see how this game starts...

If the apocalypse does not end within the next 10 days, we’ll be able to see Dead Island 2 on April 21st 2023, which is nine years after the date of its announcement. As our anticipation grows each day, the first season of Dead Island 2 was shown in IGN’s IGN First program. Let’s find out what’s in store in the first ten minutes.

It was announced at E3 20214 that the sequel to Dead Island will take place in the city of Los Angeles. The city infested with zombies is put under quarantine and, once we are sick, the zombie assumes the form of an immune-compromised character. Our aim is to discover the real cause of the outbreak. Through this process naturally we will meet and assist other people who have been cured like ours.

Dead Island 2, which has been delayed numerous times, including leaked details and gameplay footage it will be available for download on PC (Epic Games Store), PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series platforms. It is expected to hit the Steam store in the next year.

Dead Island 2’s Opening Episode

The countdown is continuing we have learned the type of opening is coming our way in the context of IGN First.

Like we said the film begins by our character who was one of those survivors from a crash on a plane, getting out of the wrecked plane. After having the chance to look the area for the first couple of minutes, we are introduced to others who were able to survive the same fate as us. After these conversations and the details of what transpired the main action starts when we encounter the zombies for the first time.

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We can conclude that it was a bad first impression. We can conclude that the scene in the final scene will get us excited enough to watch Dead Island 2.

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