Razer Introduces New Razor for Gamers (No, It’s No Joke)

Razer that we have come to associate using headphones, computers and keyboards has unveiled the new product. It's a bit different this time. Razor!

Razer razor, which has earned its name in the world of equipment for players is one of the top choices for players to this day. But, with his latest business, the razor Razer has evidently been looking at other areas.

Through the agreement with Razer with Gillette, Gillette Labs has unveiled a new razor dubbed Razer. The razor will be available in limited quantities, is composed of green and black to match the color of Gillette’s brand.

is suitable to both genders

This razor was made available in limited quantities in the framework of an agreement that was signed between Razer and Gillette It appears to be faithful to Gillette’s iconic green look.

This particular razor comes with regular Gillette heads that help users of all ages shave their legs and faces. Of course this particular razor isn’t equipped with Razer’s traditional RGB lighting.

The deal that was signed between Gillette and Razer was actually derived from a promotional video on the 1st of April. Razer came up with this agreement, in response to a video published on April 1, in which an adolescent shaves his face using the gaming mouse.

While highlighting that the product can be used by women and men, Razer said that it is not just for the face but also on the body. Design isn’t just reserved for males.

The video Razer made available on April 1, 2004:


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