Overwatch 2 New Support Character Revealed

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New support for Overwatch 2 character Lifeweaver has been revealed. The Thai-born character is sure to draw the interest of many players due to its gameplay. Particularly, if you’re an avid World of Warcraft player, Lifeweaver is sure to impress you.

“What’s the matter now?” I’m hearing people asking It’s not just me and Blizzard itself. It’s designed as an WoW Druid that is based on Lifeweaver. Also, this character, which is constantly in contact with nature, will utilize an ethereal power referred to as “biolight”.

Leaf Falling Continues in Owerwatch 2!

As per the report the biolight is a replacement for the technology of hardlight used by characters such as Symmetra.

By utilizing this capability, Lifeweaver can create a platform for his team to make use of. Being able to jump with power over the of the similar to an elevator platforms, Lifeweaver has the ability to find friends who are in need.

Our new character support, Tree of Life, is able to defend and revive his fellow players in certain areas with his final. Tree of Life will have an health bar that opposing teams may break.

We’ll find out all the information about Lifeweaver now!

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