The Harry Potter Series Will Be Remade! But This Time As a 7 Season ‘Series’..

According to the information shared by Bloomberg reports, Bloomberg reports that the Harry Potter series will be created from the start with the intention of creating a lengthy series. The show will be built on JK Rowling's 7 books which comprised the first films.

The Harry Potter movie series, that merged into our lives through adapting JK Rowling’s seven books was the subject of significant news on the horizon today. According to reports Bloomberg has gathered via “two sources close to the subject,” Warner Bros. Discovery is in the process of signing an original production inspired by the book.

Based on the information shared that the new Harry Potter production will be a show that will air through platforms online. Each season will be inspired by any the JK Rowling’s 7 books. Also the first series will be revived by the new show.

JK Rowling could become one of directors for the show:

According to various sources, author JK Rowling will play an important role in the process of development of the series in order to remain true to the novel. However, she will not be the sole creator in the creation of this series.

The report claims that Warner Bros. CEO David Zaslav and HBO President Casey Bloys came together to convince JK Rowling to take part in the project. The date for completion is unknown. it will actually be finalized.

The series will be aired in the US on HBO Max: And we have a few other examples of Harry Potter!

Unfortunately, information regarding this Harry Potter series is limited at this point. Details like the characters for the series as well as how many episodes the seasons consist of will be established after the purchase is finalized.

On the other hand it appears that the Harry Potter series may even be just the tip of the iceberg as per the information available. Since Warner Bros. is expected to announce a new television method to HBO Max in the coming days. One of the key elements of this plan will be to bring back the characters we have already known.

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It is impossible to determine which the characters in question will appear in the present. Concerning the claims, Warner Bros. No official statement has been released as of yet.

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