The Developer of Dark and Darker Decided to Make the Game Paid

Recent events have changed the decisions.

The story of Dark and Darker is getting more interesting every day. First, Ironmace, whose office was raided with allegations of “stolen code”, later had to remove the game from Steam on the grounds that it violated copyrights. After what happened, Ironmace officially announced that they will start testing Dark and Darker.

In the first statement from the studio’s official accounts, it was stated that the test process of the game will start “as soon as possible”. It is unknown whether the test date announced as 14 April under normal conditions is still valid. On the other hand, it is useful to underline that the game is still not on Steam.

DMCA Eater Dark and Darker Removed From Steam

Another important explanation is about the price of the game. Ironmace intends to make its game, which it previously announced as F2P, paid. While it was stated in the statement that the decision was not clear yet, it was also said that more research would be done on the subject. Ironmace will shape Dark and Darker “based on the price of similar games on Steam.”

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