The Embodiment of Nature’s Force “Igneous” Coming to Black Desert Mobile

Pearl Abyss has announced that "Igneous" is coming to Black Desert Mobile. The introduction of the new class comes with many activities.

Pearl Abyss announced today that the brand new category “Igneous” has arrived in Black Desert Mobile. The introduction of the new class comes an array of events that celebrate the introduction of the character to the world of.

The mage awakes to become Igneous the embodiment of nature’s power and reach the highest level of magic. He is able to make use of the elements from both the Fire Guardian “Marg” and the Water Guardian “Arne”.

With the Main weapon “Godr Sphera” and a Sub-weapon “Elemental Grimoire”, Igneous utilizes elemental power to frighten enemies and destroy them with the ferocity of fire. The elemental spell it uses can be used to limit the movement of enemies and their attacks, while also launching massive attacks that cover a large area to quickly take out numerous enemies.

Igneous Uses Elemental Power to Defeat His Enemies

Igneous begins with four active skills. He also learns new abilities by advancing his level. His most dangerous skills include:

  • The Aqua Jail Explosion: Igneous creates a blockade of ice-cold water that can keep enemies in place and then take them down.
  • Apocalypse: Igneous releases his fury over a vast area massive flames.
  • Bolide of Destruction: Igneous summons a massive fireball and then throws it at the ground. It is impossible for enemies to survive wherever it hits.
  • Savantgarde in the midst of a storm of fury, Igneous remains calm and is in control of the battlefield.

Adventurers Celebrate Igneous’s Birth with Events

To celebrate the addition of Igneous to Black Desert Mobile, various events have begun which include daily quests as well as unique login occasions. Players will get “Igneous Arcana” in their game mailbox each day through April 10. The items, as well as other ones, are exchangeable to purchase Sun Crystal, Dimension Fragment as well as Shadow Node.

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