The date for the release of EA’s magical-powered FPS game Immortals of Aveum has been announced

The news is important regarding Immortals of Aveum, which is scheduled to launch through EA Originals. The date for the release of The silent game has been revealed by the most popular leaker.

It was developed by the developers who created Call of Duty and Dead Space Immortals Of Aveum is a title set in an all-fantasy setting, that is surrounded by the magic of the universe and filled with conflict. Although the release date for Immortals of Aveum, developed by Ascendant Studios and will be released under the EA Originals brand, is not yet official however, the date has been largely established.

Immortals of Aveum launches in July

It has been reported that the film the film Immortals of Aveum, which fell into silence after it was shown during The Game Awards in 2022 It will be released the 20th of July in 2023. The source for this claim is billbil-kun who is never wrong. However the sole promotional video released about the game the game was mentioned it was expected that Immortals of Aveum will be released in 2023, however there was no specific date.

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