AYANEO 2S features are revealed ROG Ally and Steam Deck 2 competitor

The AYANEO Next 2 portable game console, first introduced in the year, is currently undergoing a revamp. Ryzen 7000 APU choices and an unknown external graphics device will be on offer.

AYA NEO, the first name that pops up following Steam Deck when it comes to handheld consoles, is now developing its next console. The brand has clarified its features for its AYANEO 2S version, that will compete with Steam Deck 2 and Asus ROG Ally. What is the new console going to offer? Here are the specifications

AYANEO 2S functions began to be apparent

Based on reports AYANEO 2S is expected to have an IPS display of 7 inches with a resolution of 1920×1200 pixels as well as 450 nits of brightness and a contrast ratio of 1200:1. In the back, this brand new console, with an 50.25 Wh power battery as well as 16GB of LPDDR5X RAM at 7500 Mbps is equipped with the AMD Phoenix Ryzen 7 7840U platform that runs in the range of 15 to 28W.

If we get into more specifics, the new APU is equipped with 8 cores, 16 threads and a Radeon 780M graphics processor based upon the Zen 4 architecture. The difference is that AYANEO said that this unit will be backed by the latest heatsink technology that features a 1118mm large copper tube and a plate. This means that the new console can cut temperatures by 11.6C when compared with AYANEO 2.

If we remember, AYANEO 2 was introduced with 16 to 32GB RAM and 512 GB up to 2TB choices for storage on SSDs. In this light it is very likely that the upcoming console will feature a higher capacity in memory and storage. The company also revealed a updated upgrade plan for AYANEO 2 owners. Users will then be able to upgrade their older devices to Ryzen 700 APUs. But, the specifics of this aren’t released at this time.

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What we know about AYANEO 2S is only available at the moment. Pre-orders for the new device will start in May, and begin shipping to their first customers by mid-June.

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