An exciting development in Witcher 4 has been announced!

The creator of the Witcher series, CD Projekt Red, revealed that the development stage for the game's fourth installment has been accelerated.

CD Projekt Red announced that a new legend of The Witcher series would launch in the month of March 2022, which is roughly 1.5 year ago. Since the time announcement, the firm is working hard on Cyberpunk 2077 and its DLC. The best update for Witcher 4 has come to the fore.

The Witcher 4 development team exceeds 200 members

Over 200 developers who created Cyberpunk 2077’s DLC Phantom City, whose trailer was shown in Gamescom 2023 and scheduled to be available on September 26 The developers are now part of the development of Witcher 4 with the completion of the project.

CD Projekt CEO Adam Kicinski announced that the development team for the eagerly-awaited game within The Witcher series, codenamed Polaris has reached around 250 developers. While the majority players on players on the CD Projekt team is currently working on Cyberpunk 2077’s Phantom Liberty DLC, Kicinski mentions that many of them will eventually become part of The Witcher team.

CD Projekt first came up with the idea of an entirely brand new The Witcher game in 2020 prior to the catastrophic debut of Cyberpunk 2077. The game’s creators said that it would not be dubbed The Witcher 4 at that time.

Alongside a brand new installment in the wildly popular fantasy series, CD Projekt had planned to introduce an online spin-off of the franchise, however it was cancelled due to a couple of incidents within the company which were not noticed from the firm.

The fans from The Witcher series will certainly be delighted to learn that the development of the sequel is underway however, not every developer from The Polish publisher will be given the chance of joining in the Polaris team.

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In the spring of this time last year CD Projekt Red expected 100 layoffs before the beginning period of the year 2024. The dismissal, which is 9 percent of the company’s team, was a different process that had a major impact on the progress for the game.

This game which could revive the series as God Of War 2018, will not be titled Witcher 4 as a result. The series will relaunch with the title The Witcher. The increase in the number of developers on the teams will certainly increase the speed of development however don’t expect to see anything in the near future.

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