The Division 2 Won’t Have PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series Versions

You can play with ease on consoles that are already in use, however..

If you’ve been awaiting The Division 2 on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series versions of The Division 2, unfortunately we’re unable to give you any positive news. For the moment, at least, this isn’t the situation. Statements by director of creative Yannick Banchereau have been reported in the news.

We found out that Ubisoft’s content services in The Division 2 will continue as of the start date for the year to come being announced in the last week. We also learned about the details on the content of the seasons. Another issue on our minds as gamers is whether PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series versions will arrive.

Division 2 Division 2 received the current generation update in February 2021. That is to say, it’s possible to experience 60 FPS fluidity in 4K resolution. However, for instance, it will be enjoyable to experience your tactile feedback as well as the adaptive controls in DualSense. DualSense arm. However, Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment aren’t working on this issue.

PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series Versions of The Division 2 Not Planned

In an interview recently recorded by MP1st with the Director of creative Yannick Banchereau, it was revealed that the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series versions of The Division 2 will not be on sale. The reason was to end support for older consoles to make the most of the latest generation consoles to the maximum. In light of the vast player base is on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles is, the company has taken an unintentional step back.

“This is very unlikely. Since if we were to make the most of these consoles, as we’d have the sole versions of the game that is available across all platforms, making use of these consoles could mean that the game wouldn’t be accessible on older generation consoles. There are still more than enough players across all consoles and we’re not willing to let them go and demand that they upgrade. We’re currently trying to make sure that each time we introduce something new that it’s running flawlessly with the old generation.”

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What do you think of this choice? Do you think it would be a good idea for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series versions of The Division 2 to be released? Don’t forget to share the thoughts of others via the comments section.

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