Bomb Rush Cyberfunk Release Date Announced

We'll be back in August Are you prepared?

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk, which promises Jet Set Radio nostalgia with its announcement, has an official release date. With the trailer being released during the Nintendo Indie Showcase, the game’s release date in August was announced officially:

For Bomb Rush Cyberfunk, we will be directing Red who been unable to use his head, and replaced it with an artificial head made of robots. He is part of Bomb Rush. Bomb Rush Crew; Tryce and Bel roam the streets of New Amsterdam trying to dominate the world of graffiti. It seems like they will provide us with an energetic, exciting experience with dance, music and vibrant streets. What are your thoughts?

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk will launch on PC as well as Switch on 18 August; It will also be released for other platforms later. Let’s see if it is able to get its place among the best surprises of this year, like Hi-Fi Rush, we are eagerly awaiting the launch.

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