Sony has created the PlayStation controller that is able to be cooled and heated in accordance with the conditions of the game

A new invention by Sony could set the stage for a groundbreaking feature on PlayStation gaming controllers. Sony has created an electronic controller that changes the temperature based on the circumstances of the game.

Sony has filed a patent for a brand new technology that can improve the haptic feedback from the future PlayStation controllers. The patent, which was discovered within the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) database it describes a controller which will alter its temperature based on the specific game’s scenario.

For instance, if the game is set in the desert, or if you grab some hot objects, the controller can become hot. In the reverse, when the player enters cold water, or is in conditions of winter, he will get cool. This invention that allows gamers to get immersed in the game for longer and will improve the level of authenticity of games available on Sony consoles.

What makes it feasible?

In order to make this happen, Sony engineers replaced the plastic handles on this remote using a gel product which can rapidly alter the temperature, as per the patent declaration. However, this type of technology is believed to affect the life of the battery in the device. Additionally, the heating of the controller could cause the user’s hands and fingers to sweat.

Sony’s plans for this patent-protected technology are not known yet. However, the company has all the resources needed for bringing this project to fruition. This means that the technology could be used in game controllers within a couple of years, or it might remain an intriguing concept on paper. We’ll look forward to.

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