Google removes passwords! Google’s new feature is available to all

Google Passkey is now available on all platforms. It will allow users to access their accounts without having to use a password.

Google is accelerating its efforts to transition from a password-based era to one without them. Google has removed passwords from all major platforms to activate the Google Passkey function. Users can now use a fingerprint or face scan to create a password.

Google Passkey coming to all platforms

Google Passkey is a new feature that has been on their radar for some time. The passkey is a way for users to confirm their identity without requiring a password. The passkey that you define in your Google Account can be used on all of your devices and apps.

The company has implemented the “WebAuthn standard” to create a secure feature that locks keys between devices and sites. It allows authentication by biometric factors, such as facial or fingerprint recognition. This eliminates the need to remember passwords or enter them each time.

Google has announced that its new feature is now available to all users. This does not necessarily mean it is available on all platforms. You can say that the use of passkey will increase as more developers integrate their apps into it. There are alternative solutions for platforms that have not been fully adapted to Passkey. These include QR code and Bluetooth.


Google’s goal to eliminate passwords will allow for a more user-friendly and secure authentication system. 1Password and other companies are working on innovative ways to solve the syncing problem.

Apple Passkeys was launched last year to replace passwords. Users will be able to login to their accounts using biometric authentication. It hasn’t been opened yet.

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