Apple closes TSMC for the M3 MacBook!

In closing the TSMC N3E process by itself, Apple brought forward the M3 and A17 Bionic processors designed specifically for Apple's MacBook as well as the iPad.

Apple is gearing up to launch new MacBook models that use M3 processors manufactured by the N3E process developed by TSMC, a leading company. The new models will come in an expansive size similar to that of the 15 inch MacBook Air and a smaller size, similar to a 12-inch. The A17 Bionic is a new technology that will be utilized on iPad or iPhone models, will also be included in the new process. Here are the specifics…

MacBook equipped with the M3 processor as well as iPads running A17 Bionic are waiting at the door!


TSMC has switched their production lines to the N3 which is a three millimeter production process. It was prompted by the overwhelming demand from customers which are manufacturers of technology. Later it created the technology itself and jumped ahead of its rivals and changed into the process of N3E.

Apple has already shut down nearly half of the production line at TSMC by placing orders, is attempting to acquire the entire supply chain of the chip manufacturer MacBook Air with M3 processor and iPad models equipped with the A17 Bionic processor. This is so, that according to reports from the last few days that there will not be production for any other company on the N3E manufacturing line until Apple’s orders are complete.

There are rumors suggesting regarding it is possible that A17 Bionic can be produced using the N3 process contrary to those of the M series. However, the chips will be utilized not just in tablets as well as on iPhone 15 Pro models. So, it is to be more probable that Apple will let the mouth open of the pouch, and then close the N3E by itself.

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Both production lines undoubtedly produce cutting-edge chips. We can see that N3E has superior results, particularly when compared with its rivals. But, when we do an internal comparison N3E shows processors that have more power and higher consumption than N3.

In light of this it is clear that Apple will control N3E production. N3E manufacturing line for quite a lengthy period and will abandon its most close competitor behind in its N3 process. This will trigger the scissors to be opened.

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