Samsung increased its production the pace of its production line of chips

Samsung one of the top manufacturer of chips, plans to set up a new production and testing manufacturing line within Japan. The new facility will allow Samsung to improve their local connection.

Samsung one of the top brands in the market for semiconductors is in the process of establishing the first production location in Japan. Samsung, a technology giant that is changing its brand name recently to “Galaxy” because of the tensions in the political scene that exist between South Korea and Japan, will further strengthen its relationship with Japan.

Samsung expands chip production line

According to sources within this industry Samsung began negotiations regarding a new chip packaging facility to be built in Japan. This new facility which is to be built simultaneously will be the tech giant’s first testing manufacturing line within the Asian nation. It is well-known that in the present, the USA and a variety of countries have been imposing sanctions on China’s advancement in the field of semiconductor technology. It is possible to claim that the latest information came in the same time that these restrictions were in place.

In fact, on Friday, Japan prohibited exports of 23 varieties of chips and manufacturing equipment to China due to growing US restrictions. The company has said that Samsung is planning to build its manufacturing plant within the Kanagawa region, close to Tokyo. It is important to note that Samsung already has an R&D facility in the same area.

The timeframe or details of investment for the facility’s new location have yet to be revealed. But, it is anticipated to cost 75 million or 10 billion yen. It appears that Samsung is continuing to develop its network while improving its relations with local equipment makers located in Japan.

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