Immortals of Aveum Preview

Immortals of Aveum, a game by Electronic Arts and Ascendant Studios, is featured in our preview.

Electronic Arts and Ascendant Studios presented Immortals of Aveum at The Game Awards 2022. The game is a first-person, magic-infused shooter which takes players into Aveum, an Aveum divided between evil tyrants and war mages.

There is not enough magic in the universe, unlike the slogans embroidered on the walls of millennials. Immortals of Aveum, the upcoming Ascendant Studios game, will change this. This first-person, magic-based action RPG is filled with powerful, fast and furious spells.

Immortals of Aveum Preview

The team behind Immortals of Aveum describes the game, which has been developed for five years, as a “magical Call of Duty”. Bret Robbins, the creative director of the game, has assembled a team that is well-versed in action gaming. His team has worked on such classics as Halo, BioShock and Dead Space, and of course Call of Duty. Robbins’ vision of CoD helicopters as dragons gave birth to Immortals of Aveum.

Use magic instead of weapons

Immortals of Aveum promises to be a world where powerful magical currents are present, as they are in many fantasy novels. The Everwar is a long-running conflict between elite mages to control magical energy. Jack is also a character in the game. Jack is an unwilling warmage that has only recently discovered his powers.

During Jak’s 25 hour scenario, he will learn over 25 spells from three different types of spells: Chaos (red), Life (green), and Power (blue). These spells correspond to the various weapon types. He will also discover seals and totems which add extra powers to his spells.

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Magic in Immortals of Aveum looks like a lot of fun. We’ll be prepared for any battle by switching between Jak’s offensive and defensive magic, chain attacks and counter attacks, as well as push and pull attacks. Jak has a variety of tools to solve puzzles and approach battles.

Magical World

Two opposing kingdoms rule the high fantasy world Aveum, Lucium and Rasharn. Our character explores, fights and solves a variety of puzzles across a range of environments. Immortals of Aveum, although not an open-world game, has a scenario that is supported by hidden treasures and side quests.

The Immortals Of Aveum videos for PCs and consoles of the current generation look great. The world, the design and the details have been given careful attention. Magic effects and other magic are diverse and very powerful. The acting of a group of actors with experience, such as Gina Torres from Firefly, supports the character models and facial animations.


Immortals of Aveum’s cinematic story-telling and choreographed combats show Call of Duty’s influence and that of other first-person games. It also has its own identity, thanks to the fantastical setting and magic which have been created from scratch.

Ascendant Studios claims Immortals of Aveum was designed around three core gameplay pillars. These are: Become A Mage, Master Your Magic and Save The World. Many games have a mash-up of mechanics and concepts that do not work together. Immortals, on the other hand, focuses on polishing and exposing a series of powerful ideas through a well written narrative.

Release Dates, Platforms, and Versions

S, PlayStation 5, and PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store on July 20, 2023. No information has been released about the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions. It doesn’t necessarily mean that it is unlikely.

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