PlayStation’s Roblox Dreams won’t More Often Receive Updates

Media Molecule will not release any new content updates to Dreams on or after September 1st however, players will be allowed to play, create and play games and share them with friends.

Media Molecule’s huge game-making tool Dreams isn’t an instant hit, like PlayStation exclusive titles such as God of War, Horizon and Ghost of Tsushima in recent years , and was confined to a tiny player base. However, it was loved by the community and frequently played by bone large. It is apparent that this mass did not suffice to make the game more modern.

Media Molecule has announced that it will stop supporting the update to Dreams on September 1st, 2023, which is three and three and a half years after the game’s release. The studio is shifting its focus to a different project. Instead of dividing its time between support for the ongoing production as well as the development of a brand new game it’s made the decision to devote its attention completely to the new game. The new game is a completely different game than the development tool.

Dreams Will Never Die

What does all that mean to community of the game? The game will keep receiving updates until September 1st, but after that time Media Molecule will not release any new content to the game. The game will be available for players to remain playing the game and exchange new ideas with friends.

The developer added, “We are proud of Dreams and are grateful for the way you have embraced everything that the community has got to provide. Although we have always wanted to build upon the foundations of dreams and to expand our knowledge, we could not find a viable path when we examined our plans. We decided to modify the product strategy for the studio. We’re disappointed but we’re very enthusiastic about what’s to come in the future.” The phrases were used.

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