Another record was broken by CS:GO!

Following an announcement for Counter-Strike 2, the record for opening a case broke by gamers playing the game CS:GO. The details are here!

The game was launched in 2012 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, or CS: GO for short remains popular to this day. This game was released again it broke records in openings for cases in March.

Another record-breaking performance from CS:GO: 39.5 million cases opened!

In the last few days, Valve officially announced Counter-Strike 2, which is its sequel in the series Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The announcement was a hit in the world of gaming. This is why, after this announcement CS: GO showed significant increase in the number players, and even improved its own record.

In the report that was released this morning, it can be revealed the fact that CS: GO broke a new record. Based on the information shared through the “CS:GO Case Tracker” platform there were 39.5 million open cases have been opened in the month of March. This record was established following news of Counter-Strike 2.

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