PUBG: Battlegrounds’ Vikendi Map is Renewed.

This legendary map has returned!

In the developer speech of Krafton, Krafton, the creator of PUBG: Battlegrounds announced the positive announcement of a fresh return to Vikendi. Vikendi map. The details of the announcement under the title of Vikendi Reborn are available in our latest news.

Based on the statements of this South Korean company, in the updated model of its map along with a brand new section, such as the cable car and lab camp as well as a laboratory camp Comeback BR system will await you with a myriad of things like maps, crowbars, and snowmobiles. The specifics of the announcement are as following:

PUBG: Battlegrounds’ Vikendi Map Reborn!

The original announcement was made via the PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS Development Plan 2022, Vikendi will officially return as Vikendi Reborn after Update 21.1 is released in December 6, for PC and on December 15 on consoles for players. For those who wish to experience the new Vikendi Reborn map are able to join the test server on PC starting this morning. Here are the specifics of the features you can expect to see on this live stream. Vikendi Reborn livestream.

Vikendi Reborn

The snow-covered map is expanding from a map of 6x6km to an 8x8km map the players will soon be confronted with the brutal realities of the new Vikendi map. It is important to be cautious since Vikendi Reborn will present a variety of difficult conditions, such as the brand new Type Zone. This zone is likely to limit the view of players because of the variety of snowstorms visible on the map. Check out the numerous regions and features being added to Vikendi: Reborn below.

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New feature: Cable Car – The Cable Car is a brand-new mode of transport which players can use to travel around the map. Two routes are available to each station, and only one Ropeway operates for each route. These Ropeways are completely independent and waiting to board once they reach their stations. These new modes of transportation is only accessible in Vikendi.

New Zone: Lab Camp – With the return of Vikendi, Lab Camps have been set up and are scattered across the frozen lake to the northwest. Each camp is distinct in size and layout. Certain Lab Camps have alarms in place and will be activated as soon as items are taken of Loot Drops. When it comes to Loot Drops the new kind of chest could be created in Lab Camps using particular items from different kinds of drops.

  • The Yellow Drops of Loot: reinforcements Throwables M79, Level 3 Equipment may be spawned.
  • Red Loot Drops Items (including ammunition) and possible Care Package weapons that are found in Vikendi could be spawned.
  • Blue Loot Drops Attachments to weapons located in Vikendi may be spawned in.

The new system: Comeback BR This return BR method has been redesigned to accommodate Vikendi Reborn, which allows players to return to fight three times instead of one. The players who are eliminated will be accompanied by their teammates until they reach into the Comeback BR arena, where they have to be able to make it back to the battle. Three Return BR phases will be played in a single game. If a player is able to return to the game but is again eliminated the player will be allowed to continue to the next stage in the event that the player dies in the phase of collection. In addition, players who pass away during the first or second stage will be given the opportunity to try again subsequent stages. If a team loses as they wait until an event called the Return BR phase to start and they lose the game.

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Familiar features in new Places The familiar features found in Deston have made their way to Vikendi! The Map’s Auxiliary Equipment (Ascender Attachment as well as the Auxiliary Parachute) are available to each player who enters Vikendi as well as linked to buildings within Vikendi’s Ascended Observatory and Coal Mine. Additionally, Ascender Towers and Fuel Pumps were built all over the map.

The players can now use crowbars to interact with different objects in the map. Crowbars can be used by players to unlock lockers and lock buildings. Levers need to be equipped to communicate with cabinet doors and buildings that are locked.

Cracking Through the Snow – Snowmobile is back in Vikendi! Two players can go at speeds of up to 120km/h when on snow. the Snowmobile’s speed won’t more drop when it is on flat roads, concrete surfaces, or even hard ground. Also, the driver shoots pistols in the front seat.


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