Apex Legends: Magic Witch leaked before the Announcement

Apex Legends is planning an additional event to be held during the Battle Royale Season 15 that will have rewards related to it.

According to a recently released leak Apex Legends would be an entirely new event with brand new weapons and character skins. The developer Respawn Entertainment would release an update to correct the problem with loading bullets within the game. It appears, however, that Respawn Entertainment will release other updates too.

The season 15 of Apex Legends started this month and will close at the end of February in 2023. Season 15, which is dubbed Eclipse is the first season to introduce the brand New game map Broken Moon, the Legend Catalyst with extraction, as well as the battle pass dubbed Goth with the new skins of Ash, Revenant, Catalyst, Seer. Since this season is long developers will release numerous updates to keep the players busy.

The first update was revealed via the twitter account belonging to leak’s owner Senos. As per the leaked information, Magic Witch; RE45 will come with skins for a variety of weapons, such as Sentinel, Devotion, and Rampage. Data miner Senos is well-known to the players community and the gaming community, said that while the graphics have not been revealed at this time but the characters will be making spectacular appearances in the course of the game. In a leak that was released on August 7, Senos said that epic skins are planned for Ash, Lifeline, Revenant, Valkyrie, and Rampart.

As is the norm in leaks the information provided by Senos can be changed at any time. Apex Legends is not new to leaks, since information about events like the Beast of Prey Collection event was released this year. There are also leaks that reveal Halloween-themed skins, and there is a chance that Apex Legends might feature a mode of play similar to The Call of Duty Gun Game.

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