EA Developed A New System To Ban “Traitor” Teammates: OK But What About Our Privacy?

EA Games has patented a new system that can be able to identify and punish players who are in a relationship with their rivals.

In recent times, EA Games has been developing a variety of new systems to aid players who don’t play according to the rules of the system, and also obtaining patents on these methods.

Here we are again with the latest news about as an EA Games patent. The latest time around, EA Games has patented the system to ban players who collaborate with their adversaries even though they shouldn’t be playing online games.

Anyone who knowingly cooperates with opponents on online games will be disqualified

As you are aware that cooperating with your opponent during online games is a breach of rules that causes numerous disadvantages for other players. It is difficult to identify in the absence of reporting by players.

The system, which was developed from EA Games, will analyze the social and in-game interactions of players, their history of playing and the actions they take during the game, then pass it through the algorithm and instantly identify a possible violation of the rules. Thus, there is no requirement for reporting.

The penalties for cooperation with adversaries could include a restrictions or the removal of successes and achievements, expulsion, suspension, or even a ban. There is no confirmation yet when the game will actually be utilized or not. However, if it is introduced into our lives, it’ll first be used in EA’s FPS games.

It is usually possible to make a complaint in certain matches for reasons such as “He intentionally helped the opposition team, but he intentionally failed to win” EA’s goal is to determine if the players have a pre-determined agreement prior to the game. EA will examine the players’ previous communication between themselves, regardless of regardless of whether they’re on teams with the same name or not. Therefore, they’ll plan to stop any intentional loss scenarios.

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However looking at the patents of the project that was developed by EA for this platform it is probable that there will be issues regarding privacy. Since the players will need to have access to messages from the Xbox and PlayStation accounts. While EA claims that they’ll act in line with privacy rules at the moment however, the risks are never-ending related to technology.


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