Is a cheaper VR coming soon? Unexpected shift from Valve!

Valve is developing an innovative game console. A certificate issued in Korea revealed a different model that Steam Deck and Valve Index.

Valve has attempted to break into this market through the production of various games consoles since its inception. It is however impossible to determine if it has been successful, with the exception of Steam Deck and Valve Index models. The latest certification application for South Korea revealed that the company was working on a new console.

Valve is awarded a certificate for a mysterious game console

Valve Corporation has started developing an alternative product, according to an advertisement on South Korea. The reason for this product may have a different name is due to the way it is numbered. It is true that Steam Deck has the code “1010” and Valve Index VR is coded “1007”; The new console is named “1030”.

Valve’s latest model is described as it is a “dedicated low-power wireless device.” Initial reports suggested that it might be an affordable, wireless option to replace Valve’s Valve Index VR headset. Its inclusion in the listing Meta Quest 3 in the list supports the claim that Valve has come up with a new version of VR glasses.

Valve has previously created a variety of hardware products, including Steam Machines as well as Steam Controller however, they couldn’t get any feedback from customers. New product categories like Steam Deck and Valve Index VR are considered to be relatively successful.

Steam Machines, designed to rival Windows was shut down because of the low sales. Steam Controller that substituted analog joysticks for trackpads, was not able to draw the attention of gamers and its production was halted in the year 2019.

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Despite setbacks, Valve is not afraid to play around with new consoles. The console that is identified as “1030” may be a fresh version of these tests.

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