Apple Prepares to Offer Artificial Intelligence-Powered ‘Health Coach’ to iPhone Users

Apple is believed to have big plans regarding the Health app. According to reports in Bloomberg The company is expected to transform this Health app, specifically when it comes to iOS 18. In fact, iPhone or Apple Watch owners will have an online life coach.

The US-based tech giant Apple was a guest on our latest news, with its new patents just a few weeks ago. Many readers will remember the new patents Apple’s issued were utilized to monitor users’ movements throughout their entire bodies via wearable devices and create more health-related features. Recently, there’s been a breakthrough in relation to the patents.

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman made statements about Apple’s development with iOS 17 and subsequent versions. According to the claims of the seasoned Apple analysts, Apple offers its Health application for the very first time on iPadOS 17, which will launch in conjunction with iOS 17. Additionally, iOS 17 will be capable of monitoring the mood of the users. Additionally Apple’s Health application will assist in detecting eye disorders like myopia with iOS 17. However, beyond this is a vital aspect.

iOS 18.18 will transform how you use the Health App!

Based on the claims that were made by Mark Gurman, Apple has huge plans, particularly with regard to iOS 18. Gurman says that Apple will present its “artificial intelligence-assisted life coach” to users next year. The feature, which is currently known under the name “Quartz”, will be employed to tackle crucial issues like helping people manage their eating habits in addition to encouraging users participate in exercises.

Although nothing is finalized for now, Apple’s artificial intelligence-assisted life coach will act in the light of the data he receives from the Apple Watch. This should be enough to clarify how Apple will make use of its patents on motion tracking. If we take a moment to do some thinking about it, Apple’s virtual life coach, for instance will track our movement while we play games and notify us if there’s the point that we do make mistakes. This way, users are likely to have made this decision consciously in order to stay healthy or shed weight.

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