From the makers of Hogwarts Legacy: The big-budget Harry Potter game is on the way!

A brand new game dubbed Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions is set to launch. This game is based off the legendary sport played by Harry Potter.

Warner Bros. Continues to expand the Harry Potter series. In the past, HBO announced that Max will be shooting in the Harry Potter series, and they have now announced a new multi-media production. Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions, based on the cult fictional sport from Harry Potter, has been announced. Harry Potter franchise is now available for purchase.

What date will Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions when will Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions be released?

Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions is in development. The new film, which is inspired by that Harry Potter game called Quidditch is expected to be played in a multiplayer. The game is currently available as an online registration program.

The game’s developer would be Portkey Games, which we have come across through Hogwarts Legacy. The release date and platforms for Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions are not yet known. However, the website states that it’s been in the works for some time. Therefore, we believe that it’s in the works for both PC and console.

Although it’s a version of the exact same company It is important to note that Quidditch is not listed as a game in Hogwarts Legacy. It’s not clear what the procedure for Quidditch Champions will be handled. While it’s believed to be a basic sport, the character of the player and team building will be a focus.

Hogwarts Legacy is available for pre-order on a variety of digital platforms starting on the 16th of December. The film, which takes place within the Harry Potter universe, managed to get its name printed on the top bestsellers list of Steam even during this time. It has sold over 10 million copies within two weeks.

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Harry Potter series, Warner Bros. continues to be a great source of income to the industry. HBO Max recently announced a 10 year-old show inspired by the books. Given that the show has millions of followers around the globe, it is safe to claim that new projects will be announced.

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