GTA 5 Exciting Development

Servers for role-playing in GTA 5 have made a significant impact recently and everyone seems to be trying to get in on the excitement.

Grand Theft Auto 5 has been able to maintain its acclaim over the past 10 years since its debut and is still one of the most popular games ever. In the past couple of years it has gained significant momentum due to the advent of role-playing games such as NoPixel RP or Twitch RP. These servers, which each have rules players must adhere to and stories that they are able to participate in, have created an enormous impact on GTA 5.

Franklin’s World and Shawn Fonteno’s role-playing host who is new

The roleplaying servers of GTA 5 have been making an immense impact in recent times (Rockstar has also purchased FiveM and RedM recently) and everyone is eager to be a part of the excitement. According to RockstarINTEL One of them could be Shawn Fonteno, the voice actor for Franklin Clinton, one of the most playable characters in The GTA 5 storyline.

Fonteno originally posted an official trailer video of Franklin’s World on his Twitter account. Then, it was deleted for unknown reasons. Luckily, RockstarINTEL recorded the video and uploaded it to its own twitter so that we could witness what took place. In the trailer, Franklin is seen driving around in circles while listening to the track “Hood Gone Love It”. Then, he’s seen on a bicycle while wandering around San Andreas with a flock of people around him.

It’s not clear what Franklin’s World will be about, however the trailer offers an insight into how Fonteno is going to be playing Franklin as well as other members of the host will interact with Franklin in various ways. This is an interesting server concept. If Rockstar who owns the character, is willing to allow the server, naturally, will be a different matter.

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Shawn Fonteno name stands out

Shawn Fonteno will act on the MC role and broadcast live. The launch of a new role-playing server voiced by Franklin, who was who was previously recorded by Shawn Fonteno, caused a significant stir within GTA 5’s GTA 5 community. The world of GTA 5 is amplified by servers that let players connect more deeply to their characters and further expand their world.

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