Now, it is possible to manage telephones and computers by using language. MouthPad

Scientists have created the device that allows users to control phones and computers by using the use of language. The device is called MouthPad can eliminate any barriers.

In the past, researchers have created a variety of devices to ease the lives of disabled people. Recently, an innovative gadget was presented by the company known as Augmental which is located in San Francisco.

The device, dubbed MouthPad is a touchpad that is used to control the laptop. So, people handicapped will be able to operate their laptops by speaking to them through the MouthPad.

Each device is made in a unique method that involves 3D scanning the mouth of the patient. Because the prosthesis is similar to the mouth, it will not hinder speech. It is typically 7.5 kilograms and 0.7 millimeters thick, this device’s battery will last about 5 hours when it is in usage and can be charged in two hours.

It is controlled via tongue motions

After placing the device in the mouth, users can use the device to control the cursor using their tongues over the plate that is touch-sensitive. The tongue’s movement to the palate triggers the left-clicking movement, whereas sipping triggers the right-clicking. Additionally, the company intends to mix different head movements and bite-sensitive entry movements.

MouthPad is currently being tested but will launch in in the coming months.

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