Horizon Forbidden West sales exceeded expectations

Guerilla Games announced that Horizon has exceeded 32.7 million in sales. How much did Horizon Forbidden West sell, the final game in the Horizon series? Here's the information

Horizon Zero Dawn was a hit with Sony users when it launched in 2017. It received many positive reviews, and quickly became one of the most popular games on Sony. Horizon Forbidden West is the sequel of the series, which debuted in 2022. It continues to maintain its success. Guerilla Games announced today that Horizon has exceeded 32.7 million sales.

Horizon Forbidden West exceeds sales expectations

Horizon Zero Dawn was released first on PS4 and has now sold over 20 million copies. Guerilla Games made an announcement today that Horizon Forbidden West had sold more than 8,4 million copies, and the Horizon brand’s lifetime sales have surpassed 32,7 million.

The new statement also shows that Horizon Zero Dawn – the previous title in the series – has sold around 24,000,000 copies. We can tell that Guerilla Games is a happy place. These figures are actually a first for this Netherlands-based studio that we were familiar with through the Killzone series before Horizon.

Guerilla Games also shared another exciting news in recent weeks that will delight its users. The studio confirmed it was working on a third game in Horizon’s series as well as an online game set within the Horizon universe.

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