The estimated sales of Steam Deck in 2023 have been announced.

According to Omdia's analyst firm's 5-year forecast for device sales, Valve's wildly popular handheld console, Steam Deck, will surely reach a high number of sales by 2023.

The popularity of handheld consoles, which has increased over the last few years, are still entice gamers. The number of sales Valve Steam Deck, one of the top-performing products in this area will hit in 2023 has been revealed. The analyst company Omdia believes that Valve’s latest Steam Deck will be able to surpass 3 million units by 2023.

After a failed effort to get into the console space through Steam Machines, we can declare that Valve has landed the big prize by introducing the latest technology in its hardware. Valve’s Steam Deck has successfully merged the worlds of handheld games and computer games to provide players with a an extensive Steam library. Steam Deck is a device that offers substantial benefits to PC players, comes with the benefit of being a device that can be connected to consoles as well as PC.

Steam Deck sales will rise

While Valve’s success is well-known, the exact numbers of Steam Deck sales have not been revealed until now. In October, reports indicated that Steam Deck had sold over 1 million copies. However, analysts firm Omdia offers some intriguing Steam Deck sales estimates. As per Omdia, Steam Deck sold around 1.62 million copies in 2022. It is expected to sell 1.85 million units in 2023. This brings the total Steam Deck sales to 3.47 million by 2023’s end.

Valve is currently developing new hardware ideas to help make PC gaming more enjoyable in the living space, and claims that Steam Deck Steam Deck is “multi-generation hardware.” Valve has also stated that the new Steam Deck models are on the coming. On the other hand new competitors like ROG Ally from Asus are set to hit the market. It appears that the handheld console market will expand significantly in the next few years.

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