A hero of legend in the Halo Universe is Coming to Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege players who are avid fans of Halo will be able to expect a collaboration to bring Halo, the hero from Halo to Halo universe into Ubisoft's FPS game.

Ubisoft has brought an icon that was part of the Xbox Halo games to provide an operator’s uniform to this tactical Tom Clancy FPS game Rainbow Six Siege. After a rough start in the year 2015, Rainbow Six Siege has been playing well for the past few years and has become an extremely popular shooter for competitive play and has a prominent spot in the Ubisoft FPS portfolio.

Rainbow Six Siege comes with a brand-new cosmetic move

A game with a huge following for over 10 years, Rainbow Six Siege has been the basis to play a range of outfits and packs for players. Also, just like its counterpart, Call of Duty, Siege isn’t a novice to having fun with other top titles but is mostly a part of the videogame industry.

The Ubisoft’s Splinter Cell hero, Sam Fisher was introduced in Siege the game, it sparked controversy with the fans regarding Ubisoft’s lack in actual Splinter Cell plans. Additionally Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed series also came to Rainbow Six Siege as the Master Assassin package.

An exciting new outfit is in the works for the character Sledge

Another game icon is set to be added into Rainbow Six Siege. Klobrille shared a video on Twitter that features Master Chief from Halo as an in-game Elite skin to Sledge. Chief is wearing his Halo Infinite Mjolnir armor that was inspired to Halo 3. Sledge’s hammer, in costume, resembles an The Gravity Hammer in Halo 3. Halo universe. The video also features an animation of Chief’s rope, which is from Halo Infinite.

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Although it may seem odd to observe Master Chief waving a hammer however, it is logical to have him in an outfit for Sledge. Because Sledge is the most well-known character from Rainbow Six Siege. Like Chief, Sledge is the character of Halo. Although the costume looks fantastic and looks great, the hammer seems to pass through an armor piece that is on the shoulder of Chief. This could be one reason for why the costume isn’t yet officially confirmed or revealed in the name of Rainbow Six. If that’s the case they may also be able to alleviate the issue of traction by switching the suit to another operator like Smoke and Mute.

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