Viking Rise Calls New Leaders to Dominate the Viking World

Viking Rise, IGG's new game, gives players a different mobile gaming experience that features diverse game play and cinematic graphics.

A new adventure starts in the wild and cold regions of north. Midgard is waiting for its next leader who is set to create the strongest Viking tribe on the fertile land! It’s the time to listen to the Call of Valhalla. IGG’s newest Viking Rise game Viking Rise invites players to become Viking leaders known for their bravery and strength even in frigid winter temperatures. Viking Rise is a game in the real-time war strategy multiplayer along with the SLG genre, provides the most unique gaming experience on mobile thanks to its various game styles and stunning graphics.

The game Viking Rise, players take the role of Viking leader who guides his people to the exciting emerging world of Midgard. The only way to become a renowned and rich leader on the new continent that is full of risks as well as potential and opportunities, is to lead the group with strategic strategies. The players will explore Midgard and develop their communities through combat and hunting, and form alliances with other players in order to battle against the enemy with determination and to strive to become the most effective leader by using their personal strategies.

The excitement of a Side-by-Shoulder Battle with Viking Heroes

The game Viking Rise, players can summon legendary heroes in Scandinavian tradition to form their own clan. This way they can fight in a battle with their most cherished Viking warriors. Additionally, in contrast to the typical war-themed games, this game features a sophisticated city-building and simulation system.

Viking Rise offers an authentic visual style and graphics that provide the ability to process animation at the level of film and characters moves, and elements that show the brutality that is Viking culture. You can feel like an actual Viking in real life within the game, with seasonal changes , as well as night and day changes.

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Customizable Gameplay Styles

Viking Rise players can choose which village to put as the leader of their village in line to their playstyle and strategy. Villages can be positioned as a trading point where the flow of goods takes place or as a center of resource thanks to its abundant and fertile terrain, or even as a stronghold of military for a powerful and fierce warrior army.

To do this, they are able to choose to assign and recruit people to hunt, collect resources, or fight however they like. This feature allows Viking Rise is different from other games that provide the same gameplay, but gives players the freedom of the ability to customize gameplay.

Change Your Game Time to Your Advantage by Organizing Outdoor Meetings

Viking Rise offers a unique feature that makes the time you spend playing the game more efficient by allowing “Open Air Meetings” where the community’s decisions are made , and the most renowned characters from the Viking world come together to share their thoughts. At Open Air Meetings the great community’s Viking heroes will share their ideas for guidance and suggestions along with processes like upgrading the troops as well as upgrading structures, as well as making constructions are set to move automatically through the system.

Strategic Moves in the Winding Waters of Midgard

The Drakkar Ship in the game brings to the skills and tactics of naval warfare of the Vikings in the turbulent oceans and rivers. With these ships, players do not need to take a land journey when exploring the vast landscape of Midgard. The speed of the waters and oceans scattered across the map lets you to think of innovative strategies, like speeding up explorations, or getting in on enemy players and planning surprise attacks.

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The Power of Fighting Together in Viking Rise

There’s also a unique system of dungeons and ringleaders that is based on the concept of fighting together to defeat the enemy in Viking Rise. This mode, where players battle various bosses in order to take over the realms called the Divine Realms and offers the possibility to create powerful allies and also the fun of fighting alongside. In this mode, players will be able to combat bosses alongside their friends and take on an intense challenge while forming strategies to take control of the battleground against alliances with enemies.

This game can make you feel the frigid cold of the northern hemisphere at just a click, real thrill of dominating the Viking world is in store for the players. Viking Rise and Call of Valhalla on Google Play and App Store on April 14, 2023!

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