Bungie to Pay $6.7 Million for Destiny 2 Cheater

Bungie continues distribution of judgment

Bungie continues to wage war against cheating groups. The developer who was involved in a major lawsuit with AimJunkies has won a lawsuit against ANOTHER cheating group. The developer who sued “”, owned by Kunal bansal, is receiving a substantial compensation.

In fact, the studio’s case with Lavichheats began in 2021. The case also included cheating groups like Elite Tech Boss, VeteranCheats, and others. Elite Tech Boss received a $13.5 million fine in June 2022. LaviCheats & VeteranCheats were fined for not responding to Bungie’s request for a lawsuit.

First, let’s talk to VeteranCheats. Bungie will receive a total $12 million from the cheating group who didn’t take part in the lawsuit. LaviCheats will be the last group to pay damages, totaling $6.7 million. Bungie will thus receive $32.2 million from a single suit.

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