Steam Deck competitor, Lenovo Legion Go appeared!

Lenovo will soon be appearing in the Steam Deck with Legion Go. The portable gaming console appeared before the official launch.

Steam Deck Steam Deck, the portable gaming console launched by Valve has seen huge success in a short period of time due to the features it has to offer. Recently Lenovo’s Windows operating system Legion Go device was announced. The images of Lenovo’s game console portable have been leaked.

Lenovo Legion Go collects the best features of other gaming consoles

Based on the leaked images the portable console from Lenovo is extremely similar to Steam Deck and Asus ROG Ally. However we observe how Legion Go has a lot similarity to Nintendo Switch.

According to reports that have surfaced the report states that the new portable gaming console comes with a display of eight inches. In addition to the large screen, the leaks also show two Joy-Con-like controllers similar to Nintendo Switch models. A support leg we recognize in earlier versions of the Switch OLED version has been added to Legion Go.

Legion Go’s arms that can be removed are a combination from Nintendo Switch and Steam Deck. Its control arms are a part of Legion Go, which has an area for touch controls as Steam Deck Steam Deck, approaches Nintendo Switch models thanks to its movable structure.

However another striking feature of Lenovo’s latest console is its thickness. Lenovo appears to have slashed the weight and thickness to give you more screen time. Asus however, on the other side, chose the opposite approach in ROG Ally. ROG Ally and had to accept a smaller screen due to the slimmer game console.

Legion Go, which will house AMD Phoenix processors just like ROG Ally, is anticipated to run all games compatible to run on gaming on Windows operating system. Its new design, thanks to its modular design, is expected to provide a major boost to the portable gaming console market, particularly Steam Deck. Steam Deck.

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