A new patent has been issued by Sony: PlayStation 5 design is evolving!

PlayStation 5 design is changing. A patent application filed by Sony revealed that the PlayStation 5 will get the ability to use removable optical disc drives.

  1. A new patent application from Sony Interactive Entertainment shows that certain modifications will be made to new features in the PlayStation 5 design. The new generation console comes with the ability to replace optical disc drives.

A few rumors that surfaced at the end of last year suggested that Sony was planning to revamp the PS5 console. A patent that was recently filed has fueled the assertions. Sony is claiming to have the optical disk drive that could be installed on electronic devices, such as computer games consoles, game consoles and audio-visual (AV) equipment.

The patent does not specifically refer to specifically the PS5 console. However, it is similar to previous claims. There was also a report that the schematic of the device of the patent identical to that of the disk drive used in those PS5 models. However, it is to be noted that the majority of disk drives have a lot in common with one another.

There’s a high chance that the PS5 will get support for removable disk drives. This will provide greater portability for those who prefer playing games using a physical disc. The company may also launch an affordable PS5 version with no internal hard drive. The version is likely to be appealing to those who don’t need to buy digital games.

Sony claims that it will support removable disc drives, which can make the device lighter. In the patent description, it states, “The purpose of the present invention is to provide an optical disc drive that prevents the vibration of the main unit from being transferred to the outer case.” It could be said that this patent could be applicable for the PS5 Pro as well.

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A report that was made public some time ago said it was believed that PS5 Pro will be available to gamers in 2024.

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