Date of release for Intel Raptor Lake Refresh processors has been announced.

Intel plans to unveil its 14th Gen Core desktop lineup in less than a week. However, Intel like every other company will not be releasing processors until the end of June.

Intel will reveal its the new 14th Gen Core processors in the near time. The family, named Raptor Lake Refresh is be, as the name implies it will be a version of the 13th Generation processors. So, there will not be socket modifications and there will not be significant performance enhancements. The release date for Intel Raptor Lake Refresh processors was announced.

Intel 14th Generation Raptor Lake Refresh date of release

According to news reports, Intel will release its 14th Generation processors on October 17. The processors are available for purchase and review will be available. On the day prior, 16 October Intel will lift its embargo on advertising. This means that we will expect special promotions for pre-orders.

Furthermore, this release date only covers only the Al processor models. It is worth noting that this release date is only applicable to those models in the K and the KF ranges, which include Core i9-14900K (24 cores), Core i7-14700K (20 Core 14900K i9 (24 cores), Core i7-14700K (20 cores) and Core i5-14600K (14 cores) and the KF variants that are identical, but without embedded graphics. All of them will not be locked with 125W TDP models. The non-K series models with TDPs of 65W or less will be available at CES 2024 in the year 2024.

Intel is planning to unveil it’s Raptor Lake Refresh series at Innovation 2023, which is scheduled to take place the 19th of September. Intel is expected to unveil a few mobile processors that are part of Core 100 Ultra, the smartphone Core 100 Ultra series, codenamed “Meteor Lake”, and possibly the Raptor Lake Refresh series. In addition, Intel may also provide details about Arc graphics cards during this conference.

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