iPad Pro With OLED Display Said To Be In Development

An intriguing claim has been made regarding the new screens Apple will utilize in the forthcoming iPad Pro models that will be available in the coming months.

Apple’s whistleblowers and analysts are in a tizzy over the company itself at present. Another assertion has been made regarding the 2024-year-old model iPad Pros, which Apple will launch a year after.

According to the report, Apple has already started creating the display panels of the devices, however an entirely different type of glass than the previous models is currently being developed.

According to reports, OLED screens are currently being designed to be used in the iPad Pro 2024 models, however, they’re quite fragile without a screen protector.

ShrimpApplePro is a well-known Apple leaker has revealed Apple’s plans for the upcoming iPad Pro models. There are four prototypes being developed and the tablets come with screens of between 13 inches and 11 inches.

The interesting thing about leaked information is Apple will not be making use of this flexible OLED technology it is using for the iPhone. Instead, it’ll switch to a less durable version which is known as the hard OLED screens. Screens like these are commonly employed in the field as well as Google is utilized to make Pixel devices. The reason behind its regular use is that it’s extremely affordable to manufacture.

We’ll see the ways Apple can overcome this. While certain iPhones have LCD screens but keeping them above the standard we have set makes us very positive regarding OLED display iPads.

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