Gaming monitors also slowed down due to the recession: Sales decreased!

The global economy following the pandemic has altered the behavior of consumers. In the tech industry the sales of gaming monitors are also decreasing.

Uncertainty in the economy, a drop in demand, increasing inflation, and interest rates since the pandemic naturally led to shifts in consumer behavior. The changes in the market have resulted in larger impact on spending discretionary including technological items. Gaming monitors make up one of the technology-related items where demand from consumers has declined. The sales of gaming monitors have decreased in the last year, however the future could be brighter.

2022 hits gamers’ monitors too.

In the TrendForce report, the player monitor production dropped 19.9% up to 19.8 million units by 2022, as compared the figure of 22.8 millions in 2021. This is the first decline in the market for gaming monitors since the year 2016. But, 2023 could see the introduction of player monitors. According to the report, sales are expected to climb five percent, to 20.8 million this year.


The main factor that is likely to be the trigger for this increase is likely to be increased refresh rates. It is anticipated that the change will begin at the entry-level first. It is expected that users who are currently using 75-Hz screens will move to at least 100Hz monitors. In 2023 the sales of 100 Hz monitors are anticipated to grow by nearly 5 percent when as compared to last year, and will reach 9 percent.

However, monitors with a refresh rate of 165-180 Hz are expected to account for 51.9 percent of sales by 2022 and 120-160 Hz screens comprise 32.5 percentage, is anticipated to sell at around 58 and 21 per cent, respectively in the coming year. There is a rumor that there is a slight rise in the demand for monitors that have the frequency of 200Hz or more than. Another positive aspect for gaming monitors for 2023 could be the revival from market share in the Chinese market. Since COVID’s restrictions are being lifted the demand for gaming monitors in China will rise due to the growth of Esports. While 2023 is regarded as an era of recovery however, it is believed that the reverse of the needle in the overall monitor market will last through 2024.

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