Gigabyte announces its first AMD A620 motherboards

Gigabyte has released low-cost A620 motherboards featuring AM5 support. The new motherboards are equipped with features like PCIe 4 support, durable components, DDR5-6400 memory and simple BIOS updates.

Following the announcement that AMD released the brand newly announced Ryzen 77000X3D Series processor, work by motherboard manufacturers began to take off. In this regard we have recently informed you that the A620 chip is in the works. In the meantime, one of the most reputable brands within the PC market, Gigabyte has introduced its A620 motherboards that feature DDR5 memory and a variety of features.

Gigabyte announces the first AMD A620 laptops

The Gigabyte motherboard series includes support for DDR5 EXPO/XMP up to DDR5-6400, and PCIe 4.0 compatibility with AM5. AM5 platform. Additionally, the brand new A620 series, that comes with the 8+2+1 Progressive Digital VRM Solution, M.2 thermal protection against extreme temperatures and WI-FI 6E 802.11ax the wireless technology standard is expected to be an affordable option for those who are planning to migrate into an AM5 platform.

Gigabyte A620 motherboards are equipped with innovative PCIe EZ-Latch technology, which makes it easy to make upgrade of graphics and safeguard components. Furthermore, Gigabyte allows BIOS updates without the need to install any processor memory, or graphics card, thanks to Q-Flash Plus.

The announcement made by Gigabyte said Gigabyte announced that its A620 competitor will feature a range of forms of configurations that range in size from Micro ATX to Mini ITX. The first model that is expected to be part of the A620 family is the Gigabyte GAMING X A620M. The complete list of models as well as the price and release date of these new models is not yet announced.

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