Response to ‘This Game Is Fake’ Claims From Unrecord Developers

In light of the ultra-realistic trailer released for Unrecord debates over whether the game is real or not have been a topic of discussion.

The stunning trailer for the upcoming FPS game Unrecord has caused lots of debate on social media. the development studio DRAMA has responded to a variety of complaints and criticisms with an extensive post that it posted in the last few days. The trailer for the first game became viral, receiving more than five million viewers on YouTube which further intensified controversy over the game’s real-world look.

The first gameplay trailer for the game was released less than one week ago, and already put a substantial quantity of stress on DRAMA’s debut game. The authenticity of the footage’s gameplay caused some to label the trailer a fake.

Unrecord Developers Claims Responses

The blog post mostly focused on the alleged fake trailer as well as the police’s depiction of the game as well as certain details regarding the game’s release dates and porting. If you think that the trailer for gameplay is too impressive to be true, DRAMA looks proud but it is adamant that the content of the trailer is authentic. The blog post said that images had been extracted from executable files using the mouse and keyboard. Unrecord is among the upcoming games made using Unreal Engine 5.

In the case of the police scandal some have claimed that the game is exploiting the real-world issues of the use of force, racism and body camera footage that have provoked widespread protests across America. United States. However, DRAMA is an French video game studio, and has stated that it is determined to make players should wait for the game’s release to be released before attempting to make sense of any political theme or messages that the game may include.

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Unrecord is in beginning phases of creation. The company also announced that it is looking for investors and publishers to aid the development team until the game is in its final stages. DRAMA could have to have several conversations with prominent industry figures in response to the massive excitement that the first gameplay trailer showed but only the time will tell.

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