Honkai Star Rail Reaches 10 Million Users

Honkai Star Rail, the brand new game developed by the developer from Genshin Impact, has reached 10 million pre-registration.

Honkai Star Rail, the forthcoming anime game developed by Genshin Impact creator HoYoverse has already reached 10 million players prior to its the game’s launch. Honkai Star Rail still has much to be done however, the game has hit the mark of a major milestone and is now expected to be one of the top anime games in 2023. Additionally, those who sign to play Honkai Star Rail prior to launch will be given an avatar and currency in the game in the beginning.

This is the sequel of HoYoverse’s Honkai Impact 3rd, this game was designed in response to Genshin Impact’s open world adventure and vibrant characters. Additionally, the game’s producer claimed that the game’s combat mechanics are extremely enjoyable and creative. The high expectations as well as the freebies for pre-registration create an motivation for gamers to register.

Honkai Star Rail Sounds Like a Bomb

If you’d like to win specific prizes you can sign up on the site of the game until April 26. In addition, there is a bonus prize in the post of congratulatory messages shared on The official twitter account. One of the people who retweet this post has the chance to be the winner of a gift card through a drawing.

The developers have also said that these reward will go out often after the game’s launch. This is why many gamers are anxiously awaiting the day when it launches. Anyone who is interested in the characters, world, and the story in Genshin Impact should definitely give the game a shot. Honkai Star Rail has a extremely high-quality team, both in terms of casting as well as voice actors. It is possible to meet Genshin until the day of launch.

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