Amazon Officially Announces God of War Series!

Let the Kratos auditions begin!

About 9 months ago we had announced we had announced that Amazon Prime Video had started preparations for the live God of War series. Everything we said in that announcement was confirmed by Amazon at the night of last night, in addition to the God of War series has been officially launched!

Rafe Judkins, producer of the show The Wheel of Time, which is also available on Amazon is chief executive producer for this series. Meanwhile, the producers and creators for The Expanse series, Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby, will write the script and direct the show. The show will be produced by collaborating along with Amazon Studios, along with Sony Pictures Television and PlayStation Productions.

According to Deadline The storyline of the show will heavily be influenced by the game of 2018. In the opening paragraph of the statement, it’s mentioned the following “he left behind his bloody past in ancient Greece and put his arms on the shelf in the Norse land of Midgard. When his beloved wife died, he and his son embarked on a dangerous journey to sprinkle his wife’s ashes on the highest peak of the realm to fulfill his last wish.” This description appears to have been straight from the game, however at present, there are very few additional details regarding the game.

Amazon Prime Eyes on God Of War Series!

Christopher Judge, who plays Kratos in the game has stated that he wants be Kratos in the game also. However, we’re beginning to speculate about who this role will be given to. In the wake of Henry Cavill stripped of both Geralt and Superman roles Do you think he’ll become Kratos right now?

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So, let me introduce you to our top 5 Actors who are the best to be the role of Kratos for The God Of War Series, perhaps they’ll make the right choice from the list. Does it seem easy?


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