Capcom Takes Denuvo Out of Resident Evil Village

They waited for too long

With the release of a new update to Resident Evil Village, Capcom eliminated its controversy-causing Denuvo software to protect copies that was in the game back in the day.

In SteamDB this change is described on SteamDB’s page as “3rd party DRM Denuvo removed”.

The issues with performance in this Steam version were blamed on Denuvo. Therefore, there were people waiting for the Denuvo protection system to remove from their game. It’s contrary to the intent of these protection systems that players who purchased the game feel depressed due to Denuvo. Furthermore, the game was compromised two years ago 🙂 In the notepads of the version released from Empress, “All in-game stutters, such as those that occur when you kill a zombie, have been fixed, because we patched the Capcom DRM entry points and most of these functions no longer work. This makes the game more fluid. We made it an experience.” The game’s creator posted an email.

In fact it was evident that the crack version offered by Empress was far superior to that of the game originally. The players who have played in the game originally will benefit from this improved performance. It’s only two years old.

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