Sony PlayStation 5 Pro features disclosed: Major update is on the way

Sony PlayStation 5 Pro rumors that have been running for quite a while have begun to stand on solid grounds. The most recent Sony PS5 Pro information shows that the console will be equipped with a major upgrade to the hardware.

Sony is believed to be developing a new console which will act as a mid-term upgrade for PlayStation 5. There was speculation that there was a PS5 Pro and PS5 Slim model was under development however a new leak has revealed more information regarding PS5 Pro. Pro model.

Sony PS5 Pro features

In a recent report story, we shared a brand new video leak that showed the layout of the PlayStation 5 Slim. Following we’ve seen the PS5 Slim, which is less bulky and has a new design and new details have been released regarding PS5 Pro. PS5 Pro. In the past few weeks, Tom Henderson, one of the most trusted sources of the gaming world claimed it was likely that the Playstation 5 Pro will have the most advanced ray tracer and an 8K performance mode. New reports published by RedGamingTech confirm these assertions.

Based on reports PlayStation 5 Pro will feature a significant improvement with regards to hardware. As per the reports, PS5 Pro will host an APU equipped with an 3.6GHz CPU and a 2.7GHz GPU. As a comparison, the PS5’s CPU currently runs at 3.5GHz and the GPU clocks at 2.23GHz. RedGamingTech further states that PS5 Pro will have roughly 23.04 TFLOPS of processing power. Contrary to this, the PS5 console currently PS5 console is able to handle approximately 10.30 TFLOPS. This means that it PS5 Pro 123 percent faster. The claimed PS5 Pro features are as the following:

  • New custom APU that uses TSMC 5/4nm process
  • Zen 4-based 8-core CPU
  • In-built GPU that has 30 WGP as well as 60CUs
  • iGPU could be based in RDNA 3 and RDNA 3.5 architecture
  • APU can come with 96 ROOP (50 percent more than PS5)
  • More CPU speed at 3.6GHz and higher GPU speed at 2.7GHz
  • 16GB GDDR6 Memory
  • Onboard NVMe SSD
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If all of this is taken together with the above, it is likely that the upcoming console will be able to provide real 60 frames per second gaming in 4K resolution as well as 8K gaming augmented with Ray Tracing. Additionally there is a PlayStation 5 Pro release date is listed as November 2024. However, it is possible that this information isn’t official.

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