The rights to film and TV series in Street Fighter were acquired. Street Fighter series were acquired

In collaboration with major film and television series firms, Legendary Entertainment now owns the television and film rights to Capcom's renowned fighting show.

Recently, we’ve started to watch famous games often on TV as well as in movie theaters. Apart from the extremely popular and well-received ones like The Last Of Us and Arcane as well as films that failed, like The Witcher: Blood Origin and the Assassin’s Creed. Capcom set off a bomb right prior to the release of The Super Mario Bros. One of the most renowned Nintendo games.

The rights to TV and movie productions for Street Fighter were acquired by Legendary Entertainment. Street Fighter franchise were acquired by Legendary Entertainment.

It was discovered the fact that Legendary Entertainment, which has been involved in the making of numerous films like Batman Begins, Dune, and Enola Holmes in the past, is the owner of the rights to the series as well as the film rights for the Street Fighter series. All projects of the producer company, which entered the world of video games in the film Detective Pikachu, will be created in conjunction with Capcom.

The series began to make its debut in the cinema world after having entered the game industry and was loved by the public. The show, which comprises animated films and animated cartoons was also introduced to cinemas in the mid-90s.

The first Live-Action film of the same name, featuring Jean-Claude Van Damme, released in 1994. The final Live-Action movie in the series, which featured sequels, but was not as well-received included Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li released in 2009. released in 2009.

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