After Quake the famous Unreal could be also remastered

Nightdive Studios wants to remake Unreal following Quake however, it's in the hands of Epic. FPS Remaster Studio is working on two unannounced projects currently that are in the process of progress.

Nightdive Studios remains committed to its goal to remake or, in a more common sense recreate classic first-person shooter games. The company has succeeded in reviving classic series like Doom, Quake and System Shock is also home to an important game that hasn’t yet been altered: Unreal.

Unreal Remaster may come

Nightdive Director Stephen Kick has expressed interest in remastering the first Unreal however there’s currently no confirmation that a similar project is currently in development. The problem is that Nightdive Studios’ request alone is not enough as it’s part of the famous 1998 FPS game Epic Games. Additionally, the boss of Nightdive was has been tagged as Epic CEO Tim Sweeney, said his company would be thrilled to partner with Epic in the restructuring of Unreal. But there’s an official statement from Epic yet.

The very first game of the Unreal series was technologically innovative in its day and its sequels established the basis for the first Unreal engine, which powers the majority of today’s most loved games. However, Epic has given limited attention to the series, despite its importance in the realm of FPS. There have been no brand new Unreal games have come out in the years since Unreal Tournament 3 in 2007 and Epic has stopped working to reboot the series in the year. In addition, the company been removing the whole collection from digital showcases.

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Like the latest versions from Quake, Quake II, and Rise of the Triad, the remaster of Unreal by Nightdive will likely have numerous quality-of life improvements and provide more advanced graphics.

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