The Last of Us: PC Returns to Patched Pack has a new update.

49 GB?

The Last of Us Part 1 continues to receive updates for the PC version. It looks like this hard work will soon make the game fully playable. Here are the details of the update.

The recovery efforts for The Last of Us Part 1 PC game continue to be made at full speed. As a result, the game that was delayed for a whole month in order to provide the best experience possible, has been plagued with technical and performance issues. Iron Galaxy and Naughty dog, who entered a hard-working process after harshly critical feedbacks from users, have released a number of major and minor updates up until now.

Massive Update for the Last of Us PC Version

This 49GB update addresses many technical issues including AMD-related ones. However, shadow rendering is getting faster. The optimized code and content improves the performance of both the processor and certain sections. Improved section loading reduces the number of loading screens and “Please Wait” messages.

This update adds an Effect Intensity option where you can change the intensity of non-critical visual effects. The crowd size in Low and Medium Ambient character density settings has also been increased, and the Very Low setting has been added. All of these options can be accessed by selecting Options > Graphics.

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