Agreement between HAVELSAN and Epic Games!

A defense-related company in the US, HAVELSAN worked in collaboration with Epic Games, the developer of the Unreal Engine game engine. HAVELSAN creates simulations using Epic Games' Unreal Engine game engine.

Collaboration in collaboration with Unreal Engine game engine developer Epic Games for the “Malazgirt Serious Game Infrastructure Project” implemented by HAVELSAN. An authentic digital inventory as well as a combat environment will be developed for use in the requirements in Turkish defense industry Turkish defense industry using game technology. The realistic simulation environment will be built with the help of HAVELSAN’s Unreal Engine game engine.

HAVELSAN is now part of the Unreal Engine Service Partner section on Epic Games’ website. Therefore, other companies who are looking to collaborate together with HAVELSAN can now to connect with HAVELSAN. In the Unreal Engine Service Partner page there is a list of 77 companies from diverse industries like cinema, simulation metaverse, engineering, and metaverse.

HAVELSAN Director General Mehmet Akif Nacar has announced that they’ve completed the first stage of Manzikert Project in the context of work they do in the area of serious games. they will begin on the 2nd phase.

The significance of providing an authentic image of the external world, as well as the physical effects are as real as possible in war games and simulators, Nacar stated that the significance of serious games grows by the time they are made into as a tool that can be utilized in the modeling of the battlefield. Nacar explained, “What does this mean? It’s an area where the various external environments such as hills to streams from bridges to roads and from trees to plants as well as snow to wind from hail to rain are modelled as in real life.” said. Nacar explained that they had begun using Unreal Engine technology, which is now the most developed game engine on the market along with Manzikert Project, Nacar Manzikert Project, Nacar stated that they had signed agreements with Epic Games later on.

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Nacar added, “In line with this agreement, HAVELSAN has become one of the leading agents for Epic Games in the region. We have created cooperation issues, like the after-sales service that are provided by Epic Games, working with HAVELSAN as an authorized representative for Unreal games development. Regional representative for Epic Games. We have.” He added.

It will be an open source project.

Declaring that they will make their Manzikert Project as an open source following the completion of the second phase and will make it accessible to game developers. Nacar stated:

“You can create value using open source software and then license them.

As an example, you can model the platforms that are used in the United States. For instance, you could model every platform, including Atak, Hurkus, Hurjet, Anka, Bayraktar TB2, Aksungur, Akinci, MILGEM, LHD and turn the model models into smart units backed through artificial intelligence. Also, by providing them with the game engine and a game engine, you can observe how they generate an image that is 3D in the real world, within the war zone, as well as the impact of the outside world, what their interactions is, and the advantages in the field of education. In this gaming environment you are able to perform operations and maneuvers that you would like to play as games. We recognize that there are a lot of game companies in Turkey There is an extensive ecosystem and we’d like to ensure that the platforms that are developed in Turkey are developed with regard to games by shifting more toward areas such as casual games as well as serious and war and other games.”

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