Last of Us Part I was damaged, the author apologized!

The Last of Us Part I was a surprise to begin. This PC version was met with a lot of criticism for its problems with optimization.

The legendary PlayStation game series The Last of Us was released on Steam with the first game last week. However, the team behind the game Naughty Dog, which was the subject of harsh criticism over its optimization issues and then took action. Recognizing the issues the game’s developer apologized and announced a brief update to the game.

What was the reason why The Last of Us Part I PC adolescent?

The Last of Us Part I receives unexpected criticisms on PC. The action game, which can only receive positive feedback from 43 percent of players and is having issues with optimization. This game debuted on March 28 caused issues like crashes, slow performance, and suspended characters in a number of players.

Naughty Dog acknowledged these issues and issued an update that fixes certain bugs. The update stated that the most frequent bugs in the first release were addressed. The plan is to release a more extensive patch later during the week.

The version for PC came with a number of features that could improve the quality of graphics including FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR) 2.2 and Nvidia DLSS support. However, initial impressions revealed that it had worse graphics than the PS4.

It was reported in the announcement that these bugs had been corrected in the initial version (version to The Last of Us Part I PC:

  • Reduced cache size to lower memory requirements and limit “Out of Memory” crashes
  • Add additional diagnostics to the development tracking purposes
  • Increased memory for animation streams to enhance performance during games and in movies.
  • Repair for black screen on initial boot
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The team behind the development also informed players that they need to be running the latest graphics drivers. It is also suggested that it’s a good idea to submit any issues to the support site. Even with these issues, some players are able to participate in Last of Us Part I without issue.

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