A Plague Tale Requiem Certified “Excellent on the Deck”

The game Plague Tale: Requiem, one of the most played games of 2022, has finally was awarded Deck certification. The games certified by Deck are compatible with all tests and provide a great experience for consoles.

A handheld console that is RDNA2-based, and affordable. Steam Deck continues to expand its catalog. Deck has the ability to play nearly all Steam games that are Proton compatibility, identifies the games that provide the most enjoyable experience for users through Valve’s unique certification program. The production Plague The Story Requiem One of the most successful productions the year before, was also able to be included in the list of productions that have been certified by the company.

Requiem certified excellent on Deck

Testing titles using the Deck console using a variety of compatibility tests Valve offers an “Excellent on Deck” certificate to games that don’t suffer from any compatibility issues and give perfect performance using the console. In its latest decision, the company also added A Plague Tale: Requiem to the list of games.

Based on this decision of Valve the production of Focus Entertainment is grouped with other games such like Hogwart’s Legacy, Elden Ring, Apex Legends, and Resident Evil: Village. Even on the latest Generation consoles, limited 30fps Requiem offers a steady 30fps gameplay with the 720p option and resolution scaling set to the lowest setting on the Steam Deck.

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